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Analogue Business Telephone Lines

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Analogue Business Phone Lines

Analogue or standard PSTN business telephone lines are the most common type of line for small businesses. In most cases, an analogue line will be suitable for a small business with no telephone system and less than 5 employees. Common uses for standard analogue lines include alarm lines, PDQ machines and Fax machines.

We have been supplying telecommunication services to businesses since 2002. That gives us an unrivalled level of experience in managing the supply, installation and support of your analogue business telephone lines.

Transfer your existing lines seamlessly to Midshire Telecom. The line itself will not change in any way – you are just transferring the billing and ongoing support. Alternatively get in contact and our team of experts can assist.

Business Multi-Lines

As your business grows, the number of telephone lines needed will typically increase as well. Standard analogue or PSTN Lines can be converted into a multi-line solution so your business can accept or make 2-3 calls at the one time. No longer will potential customers experience an engaged tone. If an incoming call goes through to an engaged line, the call will be passed automatically to the next available line, ensuring you never miss that all important call.

Alternatively, as your business grows we can offer your business a hosted solution that utilises your internet connection to make phone calls via VoIP.


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