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Mobiles for business use have quickly become a prominent feature of a modern business’ telecommunications solution. Smartphones boast more features than ever before, and as such is the perfect addition to a business’ telecoms. These devices give your business access to messages, calls, emails and web-browsing so that a business can stay online and connected with customers. So how do you find the best business mobile phone providers? That’s easy, Midshire Telecom have already done the hard work and have the best offers from the best networks!

Midshire Telecom  has made key partnerships with industry-leading mobile network providers such as O2, Vodafone and Three. This means that we can offer affordable mobiles for business, with great connection and 99.7% coverage of the UK.

Midshire Telecom offers a great range of the latest handsets, so businesses can choose from a great range of mobiles that are perfect for business use. We also offer a range of mobile bolt-ons which enable you to use your phone while travelling and maintain full IP telephony function on your mobile device.

Midshire Telecom have over 15 years in the mobile industry, so you can trust us to have some of the best deals on the market for business mobiles, and with the very best levels of customer care. Midshire Telecom is also a Samsung award-winning mobile provider, that is recognised for our expertise and skill within the business mobile industry.

At Midshire Telecom we take great pride in the service that we offer to our customers. Our support doesn’t end with the installation or delivery, our support teams are on hand to support you as your business needs grow and change. We understand that if something goes wrong with your telecoms, it can cost your business both time and money. We make it our priority to provide excellent customer support and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible if something does go wrong.

Midshire Telecom provides a great range of mobile for business use, but also provide a whole host of bespoke telecoms solutions, including broadband, calls and lines. We can offer you friendly, expert advice on business telecommunication solutions, and find the best options for your business at a competitive price.