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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

If you want internet on the go and Wi-Fi browsing on your phone just won’t cut it, a dedicated data only subscription for your laptop or tablet may be the solution.

With Midshire Telecom, you can get online at home or on the move with our Mobile Broadband solutions. From unlimited data-only SIMs to our 5G-powered Draytek routers, there are options to suit every need.

How does it work?

It works much like a mobile phone would work with a 3G, 4G or 5G mobile network, and is available on contract or pay as you go. You would most commonly use it with laptops and tablets in places where there’s no WiFi access.

Our range of data packages work over a hotspot Wi-Fi device such as a USB Dongle or with some of our mobile broadband capable Draytek routers. Our range of USB Dongle and Draytek routers have built-in SIM card capabilities that provide a wireless network to which you can connect your laptop, tablet or other devices.

What is Mobile Broadband good for?

  • Business Travel — if you’re often out and about with your laptop or tablet on a train, airport etc, you can connect to the internet via a USB dongle or personal WiFi hotspot.
  • Office Relocations — if you’re planning on moving office premises soon you can avoid the hassle of migrating your broadband service to your new home by using a SIM card capable router or USB dongle as a temporary measure.
  • Business Continuity and Back Up — if your normal broadband service goes down for any reason, a mobile broadband package will ensure you aren’t cut off from the online world entirely, ensuring your business remains operational.
  • Going abroad – With “Roam like at home” within the EU, it enables you to use your standard mobile data allowance across the continent at no extra cost.