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ADSL Broadband

ADSL stands for Asymmetric digital subscriber line; this in essence, is the most basic type of broadband that we offer at Midshire Telecom.

This connection uses the Openreach phone line network, which most businesses are already connected to, meaning it’s the most popular type of broadband available across the UK. It’s especially popular because it requires minimal installation in most cases.

ADSL is the broadband product we most recommend to small businesses where fibre broadband is not available.  Although basic, ADSL can offer your business, great value business grade broadband connectivity, giving you a fast and reliable broadband connection to stay in touch with your customers.

With speeds of upto 20mb/s for business broadband on copper, Midshire Telecom can offer a variety of flavours depending on how fast and reliable your business needs the broadband to be.

– ADSL2: 1 Mbps Upload/ 12 Mbps Download
– ADSL2+: 1.3 Mbps Upload/ 20 Mbps Download

Where both a stable connection and speed are important, Midshire Telecom can provide a business grade connectivity service suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Features and Benefits

Quick Install – Because ADSL uses the existing Openreach network, your business is probably already connected and so, in most cases, this product can be supplied very quickly.
Stable / Reliable Service – Midshire Telecom provide a whole host of broadband solutions and all of our packages are stable and reliable. Furthermore, we have an in-house support team ready to assist should there be any problems.
Managed Router – Midshire Telecom can supply, install and support a managed router, ensuring the data network we supply for your business is fully optimised.
Ideal as back up service – Running fibre broadband? In the event that it goes down, ADSL is a perfect backup for your business continuity plan.
Annex M available (Higher upload speeds)
High data limits