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Types of Broadband

Midshire Telecom supplies several types of broadband solutions for businesses across the UK. Our technical knowledge and expertise enable us to tailor your data connection to meet the specific needs of your business, using the fastest speeds possible from your location.

How many hours of productivity does your business lose due to poor connectivity? In an industry where there is continuous technological change, a fast and reliable internet connection is of utmost importance to business success. Don’t let poor connectivity slow your business down.

Broadband Options

With a diverse data services portfolio including Broadband, Ethernet, and MPLS enabled Converged Private Networks, we have the right service for supporting your business with its connectivity


ADSL is the most basic type of business broadband that we offer at Midshire Telecom. Although basic, ADSL is able to offer your business great value connectivity. It’s a reliable and stable broadband that is best suited to small businesses where fibre is not available or as a backup service.

Superfast Fibre (FTTC)

Fibre broadband, often called FTTC, is quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to business broadband. Your business can truly benefit from great connectivity with FTTC as it offers significantly better speeds than ADSL. It’s quicker because a fibre-optic cable is used to carry the signal the majority of its journey and the combination of copper and fibre allows for superior broadband speeds.

This connection is most recommended for small to medium sized businesses, or as a back up for an Ethernet leased line.


An Ethernet leased line is the equivalent of having your own broadband line straight to the internet. Unlike traditional types of broadband such as ADSL and FTTC, with an Ethernet leased line, your business does not share bandwidth with other businesses or homes that are connected to the same cabinet. This service is highly reliable with minimal down-time and is backed up by 6-8 hour SLAs.


Customer sites can be connected to the Midshire Telecom core using various connectivity options to create a bespoke private Wide Area Network (WAN). Midshire Telecom uses MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) in the core to keep customer traffic securely segregated while providing access to a suite of cost-effective value-add voice and data services from within the core of the network.