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Best in Class Broadband

Schools Connect Core Network

With the Schools Connect core network, we can provide high speed, secure inter-site connectivity for multiple schools on our connectivity. Schools Connect is simply the best in class broadband for schools.

Schools Connect’s core network is a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) based Wide Area Network (WAN) that enhances the inherent benefits of MPLS with the integration of our market-leading high quality IP telephony services.

With our schools premises equipment installed at every site to enable end-to-end full managements of the network, performance can be managed centrally and effectively, meaning we can provide you with network-wide service level agreements (SLAs).

Our next generation firewall is highly available and hosted in the cloud, which protects all access to your Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ensures that teachers and students at every site, along with remote workers, receive the same up-to-date protection against the latest cyber threats.

AV Installations for SchoolsThe Key Benefits of Schools Connect

With our high-quality connectivity solution, Schools Connect could save you money by using cloud-based solutions instead of on-site products or services.

First-class Internet Protocol (IP) VPN technology

The flexibility to quickly and effectively support changes in your schools connectivity requirements means that you’ll be able to add sites and increase capacity on demand.

Scalable bandwidth

Meet differing needs across sites and help future-proof your network to accommodate your growing school requirements.

Advanced network security

Combine with cloud internet access to provide multiple layers of protection against threats, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of intellectual property and teacher / student information by scanning all traffic — applications, users, and content across all ports and protocols.


Schools Connect can enable staff to make greater use of online resources, safe in the knowledge they will work well in lessons as well as when collaborating with colleagues at other locations without having to travel.

High network availability

Reliability and resilience for your schools continuity on both our core network and at your school location.

Easier to manage

Acting as the sole provider of your WAN, we manage the key components of your school for you so you require fewer IT and networking staff, enabling you to focus on your schools goals.


Schools Connect will connect your school reliably and quickly to the outside world. It will allow teachers, students and admin staff to make use of resources in the cloud without frustration or delay, secure in the knowledge they will be accessible when needed. It’ll also help teachers to increase the use of online digital resources and media to support teaching – complementing or replacing existing resources. Internet use can be monitored and access controlled, so you can rest assured that staff are properly alerted of any at-risk behaviour.