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Making an informed decision with OfficeServ

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Which system, which phone, which application …

When choosing which telephone system to install it is important to start with the most important point, you the user. Ask yourself:

What is it that I need to get from the new system?

What function do they perform?

What business applications do they use?

Are they static or mobile?

Do they operate in the office, out of the office or both?

Call handling Operator

The first contact point for many customers. This PC-based console application provides everything needed for incoming call management, from call transfers and queue management to call recording and conference calls. This status of all users is virtually shown as well as teh location of mobile handsets, allowing operators to provide a quick, accurate and informed service to callers.


Delivers an enhanced experience to users helping them increase their performance efficiency. Xchange connects your telephone or smartphone to a PC-based contact management system. Key features include screen popping of caller details, ease to use directory search, and telephony enablement of your business CRM system providing click to dial functionality.

Voice Messaging (including auto attendant)

Essential for any business that requires out of hours operation, self-service capabilities and general messaging. The voice messaging feature includes voicemail, fax mail, message forwarding, voice/fax to email, conversation recording an auto attendant that automatically answers calls with pre-recorded messages and self-service prompts. Additional options can be added to include text-to-speech, enabling emails to be listened and responded to from anywhere.

Voice Recording 

Provides encrypted and PCI compliant call recording via a plug in module. Recordings can be searched for a retrieved using many parameters including caller ID, time, date, department or number dialled. Call Recording will integrate into the Call Reporting applications providing a simple to use integrated application.

Collaboration and Mobility Communicator

Brings together voice, video and instant messaging and presence with with white-boarding and application sharing direct to your desktop. Integration with MS Outlook offers click-to-dial and screen popping of contact information.


Turns your PC or laptop into an extension of the OfficeServ phone system with access to all office phone features including DDI calls, voicemail and personal directories.


Make your smartphone part of the system whether you are in or out of the office. Any call you make is diverted through the system so you can take full advantage of business calling rates and call recording. It gives visibility of others on the network as well as your location to the Operator and provides access to corporate directories and functions so that you are always in touch, All incoming call are intelligently directed to you wherever you are, making the most efficient use of resources available.