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Moving to the Cloud

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Cloud computing is revolutionising the way businesses store, share and access data – freeing them up to work from anywhere. But before you move cloud – wards, make sure you are protecting your data or you could be at serious risk …

  1. Back your data up

When it comes to preventing data loss, backing it is up is the key to preventing any future problems. You can choose to keep data on a hard drive, but backing up your data online makes it easy to access and is completely secure – as long as you choose the right provider. There are a few questions when backing your data this way:

–          Is my data encrypted? If not, run.

–          How much can I store and will it be enough?

–          Is there a file size limit or a data transfer limit?

  1. Use the right provider

Choosing a provider who will work with your IT team and give you support, training and advice is crucial if you’re to make a smooth transition. Be clear about who is responsible for the security of your data in your service level agreements and work closely with them – they will essentially be an extension of your existing IT team.

  1. Educate everyone

Protecting your business isn’t just a job of your IT department; everyone in the organisation should be clued up on how to protect passwords and data. Especially now that Bring Your Own Device or work from home policies have been put in place, as files will probably be shared through a number of different devices outside the office.

  1. Do an IT audit

Not all data is created equal so you should start a project which ranks your data according to how sensitive it is and what the business implications would be if it were lost. You’ll then have a better picture of what level of security you will need as well as what should migrate to the cloud and what should stay put.

Other things that you may want to consider is access: who should have access and what sorts of devices might be used to access the data.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to do a full review of all of your IT processes and data protection strategies.

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