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Mobile Networks

Mobile Networks

Whether you’re a sole trader, small to medium size business (SME) or large enterprise, Midshire Telecom can provide a range of flexible business contracts from all of the major mobile networks that can be tailored to your specific business needs and objectives.

We can provide SIM cards for all of the major mobile networks, and mix and match them according to your preferences or requirements all on the same bill. If you decide to choose a mobile network and further down the line decide you could have better coverage in your area, we can transfer you to another network simply without disruption. You can rest assured that your business mobiles are set up the way you require.

We are different to the big four Mobile Networks

Midshire Telecom will provide your business with a dedicated account manager for all of your business mobile estate. With our dedicated, fully trained support team this means no more time spent on hold to resolve an issue, you can get through to us first time.

We own our own billing platform and bill our customers directly. This means new mobile connections are quicker to set up. It also ensures we have access to the very latest pricing models, and that account management is seamless and hassle-free for all of our customers.

Why choose Midshire Telecom for your business mobiles?

Save Money – You will be provided with regular reviews from your dedicated account manager to analyse your mobile spend and usage so you can ensure that you’re only paying for services that your business need and use.

Support and Service – With our dedicated, fully trained support team we can guarantee that we are always available when required. This means no more time spent on hold in a queue, you can get through to us first time.

Network Agnostic – Our robust ‘network agnostic service’ provides access to multiple networks via one powerful sim.  Seamless roaming across each available network, to provide the best all round coverage in the UK and abroad.

Manage My Mobile – Monitor your businesses mobile usage with our Manage My Mobile Online Portal. Manage My Mobile is an essential tool used by modern businesses to ensure their employees only have access to the data and apps necessary.