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Midshire partners with Exponential-e

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Industry leading office technology sales and service provider Midshire are pleased to announce a new key partnership with British cloud and networking provider, Exponential-e, to develop joint solutions for the education sector.

The partnership will equip schools, academies and universities with not only the broadband connection needed to support modern curriculums, but also the security package they require to protect their assets and communities.

“Schools and academies are coming under more and more pressure to meet security demands of evolving technologies and as a result protecting students’ intellectual property rights and managing network and cloud services has become an ever-changing and challenging task. Working with Exponential-e will give the organisations we work with access to a technology partner experienced with these complex solutions, allowing schools to concentrate on their fundamental offerings. We have 26 years of experience providing telecommunications, and connectivity that are the digital backbone for schools, academies and higher education establishments,” explained Jim Callaghan, Managing Director at Midshire.

Through the partnership, Midshire will have access to Exponential-e’s powerful 100 gig Ethernet network to connect schools, academies and universities that are based across multiple sites. Using its private network, alongside its broadband security and content filtering solutions, Midshire ensures that students’ data is not transmitted over the public internet and remains secure and private at all times.

Midshire and Exponential-e will support schools in developing bespoke solutions that reflect the changing demands being placed on IT infrastructure, such as e-learning apps or online lectures, that are data-intensive and bandwidth hungry. With the right connectivity, education establishments can support a growing range of devices both in the classroom and remotely to offer exciting new ways of learning.

“The next generation of students are digital natives and education environments need to reflect this status by becoming flexible and agile. By investing in both connectivity and security, education establishments can be confident in the creation of interactive and interconnected teaching environments, while students can feel safe in their social and collaborative experience,” explained Phillip Toms, channel re-sale manager at Exponential-e. “Our partnership with Midshire will strengthen our ability to enable organisations in the education sector to adopt new teaching methodologies, tools and technologies that support a digital learning environment.”

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