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Midshire connects businesses with superfast broadband

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The government’s roll out of superfast broadband has now reached more than one million homes and businesses across the UK. The £1.7 billion nationwide rollout is firmly on track to extend super-fast broadband to 95% of businesses by 2017. Faster broadband will not only improve profit for UK businesses, but will create an additional 56,000 jobs in the UK by 2024.

The Connection Voucher Scheme set up by the Government’s Urban Broadband Fund and the European Regional Development Fund is designed to support economic growth by giving eligible firms the ability to access high-grade broadband connectivity.

Midshire is one of the registered suppliers of the Super Connected Cites Broadband Vouchers Scheme, giving businesses a grant of up to £3,000 towards broadband installation, encouraging them to become more efficient.

Midshire is a supplier of superfast broadband services to businesses, including: Advanced Broadband, Ethernet, Private Networks, Assured Upload and Next Generation Broadband services; as well as a full package of Hosted Cloud Services.

Transform your ordinary phone line into a high-speed data line up to 40 times faster than a conventional modem, then splitting the line into two separate channels, one for voice and the other for data. Business broadband allows you to improve sales, services and productivity with faster, permanent Internet connections. No capital investment, just a flat rate monthly cost.

Managing Director Julian Stafford said,

“Small businesses are increasingly reliant on digital services, but too many are without decent and affordable broadband that meets their needs. This restricts the ability to grow, innovate and compete in global markets.

The Government putting this scheme into place will encourage businesses to make that transition from standard broadband connections to a more enhanced service, which will help with business growth, improve reliability and enhance business communications.

We are working with some of the biggest digital agencies in the North West who could not function without a fast connection. It’s quick and easy for us to investigate what’s available in your area to power your business to the fullest.”

70% of smaller business operations across the UK are relying on domestic broadband.

A predicted 89 million in labour costs and up to 8.5 hours of staff downtime is wasted a month as a result.

Find out more about the Broadband Voucher Scheme and broadband services from Midshire.  Get a free broadband area speed check for your business today.