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IT Security

As cyber criminals become more advanced managing your business IT security is key to keeping your systems and data safe. Midshire Telecom offers a comprehensive IT Security Service for businesses by pro-actively monitoring, testing and fixing issues as quickly as possible.

Top IT Security Threats to Businesses

Adware – this is a type of computer virus that fills your computer with advertisements and is a fairly common type of cyber-attack.

Ransomware – this is a type of malicious software that is designed to access your computer network and lock you out and threaten file deletion unless a ransom is paid. Some cyber criminals also threaten to release information online such as HR files, employee pay, etc. This type of attack is becoming more and more common for businesses.

Spyware – this type of software is designed to spy on your computer network and relay information back to the cyber criminal. This is often used by cyber criminals that are planning ransomware attacks to identify the information that is most business critical and most likely to result in a ransom being paid.

Consequences of a cyber-attack

Business Disruption – a cyber-attack on your business can lead to massive disruption. It may close of parts or all of your network during the attack and to recover from the attack you may face significant downtime of your systems as a cyber-security breach takes time to investigate and get your systems back online.

Cost – getting your systems back online can be expensive. Pro-active cyber-security is far less expensive than the incurred cost might be to restore your systems where that is possible. Depending on the cyber-attack, you may also be in breach of GDPR and need to contact your customers, business partners and the ICO. GDPR data breaches can carry significant fines.

Data Loss – some, or all, of your business data may be lost if your business does not have secure backups.

Reputation – a cyber-attack might result in long-term reputational damage as customers trust is easily lost when it comes to their data.

Why Midshire Telecom?

Midshire Telecom have been working to help businesses with their office technology since 2002 – we offer a comprehensive range of IT services designed especially for businesses, including IT security services.

We have a dedicated team of IT experts and our IT security consultants can offer a comprehensive IT Security Audit that will identify what steps your business needs to take in order to be more cyber secure.

Midshire Telecom are the perfect IT Partner for businesses looking for great IT performance in a protected, secure environment. Our business cyber security adds vital layers of protection to your systems to help avoid the potential devastation of a cyber-attack.