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Remote PC Management and Patching

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Cybersecurity is essential for businesses as cyberattacks are becoming more frequent. Plus, with the rise of remote and hybrid working, security can be complicated to implement. To ensure businesses can continue normally even from a remote location, you should ensure all your endpoints are secured and patched. Security patches and updates are a key part of cybersecurity protocols for any business. Without them, business-critical data can be compromised. For example servers, workstations, applications, and more can be compromised by bad actors. While it can be challenging for IT teams to ensure every server and workstation gets the important updates it needs, the consequences of failing to patch out-of-date applications can be serious. This is where remote PC management and patching can help.

Remote PC Management and Patching from Midshire Telecom & IT

Midshire Telecom & IT has a dedicated team of business IT & cybersecurity experts. With remote pc management and patching from Midshire Telecom & IT, we can detect and patch outdated software before it becomes a cybersecurity vulnerability. Our experts can keep your IT systems up-to-date and safe by evaluating, testing, and applying application patches – so you can rest assured that your systems are up to date.

✔️ Detect Vulnerabilities with Comprehensive Scanning – Gain insight into where your systems might be leaving your business vulnerable to cyberattacks.

✔️ Improve Cybersecurity – Software vendors often release patches to fix security flaws and vulnerabilities that have been identified. Having outdated software can leave businesses at risk because of these vulnerabilities. Applying these patches quickly means that businesses are less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

✔️ System Uptime – Patch management ensures your software applications are up to date which means they run more smoothly to support system uptime.

✔️ Feature Improvements – Updating software goes beyond just the cybersecurity benefits, with new features and updates to existing ones, your software can promote productivity and efficiency by offering the best and latest.