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New technology, such as high speed broadband, is having profound impact on the work environment. The advancement made enable both your business as well as your staff to become more efficient and productive across the board.

The way you interact with technology and communicate today is completely different to what it was ten years ago and this brings its own advantages. It’s inevitable that over time older technologies fade out and are replaced by newer forms.

Utilising services in the cloud is a prime example of modern technology and this is where hosted telephony services come into the equation.

Defining a hosted PBX

When it comes to your telecoms set-up, your office might currently be using an on-site system, such as a traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This system is great if you want to be able to maintain it yourself and you never leave the office. However, they can be replaced by a more resilient and cost-effective set-up by using a hosted PBX.

Essentially, a hosted PBX is a modern advanced telephone that sits in the Cloud, as opposed to in your office. Calls are transmitted using a data connection, such as broadband, to the network of your service provider and from here they are routed to fixed or mobile devices.

User are able to access the system with an IP handset, or alternatively by using a computer screen -based telephone, otherwise known as a soft-phone.

With this system, it’s still possible to use a receptionist to handle incoming communications, although the majority of services offer automated call routing options.

Benefits of Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony has a number of advantages when compared to traditional on-site PBX technology. If your business is looking to adopt this form of technology and incorporate it as part of your telecoms model, here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience.

A hosted PBX is:

Cost – efficient Hosted systems could save your business more money in the long run as there is normally no initial capital outlay as you won’t meed to pay for costly on-site PBX hardware.

Managed by your provider – instead of maintaining and upgrading PBX hardware, your service provider will manage system and software updates. This means you can focus you attention on business related matters and not have to worry about technical telecoms issues.

Easy to integrate with other devices – calls can be routed to mobile phones and other fixed devices, making your telecoms structure more efficient.

Scalable – add phone at any time or change setting at any point, allowing you to alter your telecoms model to meet the demands of your business.

Great for managing communications – Your company’s entire phone system, right down to each individual users can be managed via an easy to use web interface.

Flexible – Users can alter their own phone settings, allowing you to divert calls when on the move or out of the office. You can even add numbers from out of your area, such as London numbers in Glasgow.

Easy to use – Hosted telephone systems are incredibly easy to use, so training your staff wont take up a large amount of time.

Great for accessing call management features – Hosted services incorporate a range of powerful call handling and management features, such as call recording, conferencing calling, hunt groups and voicemail.

Great for maintaining business continuity – Business disruption will be kept to a minimum if the office is forced to close, as call can be routed to alternative devices or site locations.

All in all, the above advantages of a hosted PBX telephone system will contribute to improving employee productivity and enhancing customer service levels. Whilst traditional PBX technology continues to operate, companies should seriously consider if their existing set-up is capable of meeting the faced-paced demands of their business.

Choosing a new phone system is a big decision. Most businesses only switch once every five years or so. Making the right choice can affect how your business is perceived by your customers, how you capture leads and how efficient your business is. The benefits will be different for each business, depending on how you operate and how your organisation is structured.

If you are looking to upgrade your PBX , why not get in touch and our team will be happy to help.