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Since the privatisation of British Telecom (BT) in 1984 the telecommunications industry has soared. In 1984, the government introduced deregulation policies in the telecommunication industry. This in turn, allowed many other telecommunications firms to enter the sector, which led to increased competition. The entrance of other telecommunications firms into the industry meant that new innovations and infrastructures could be introduced. The purpose of this section is to highlight the key manufacturers in the telecommunications market and the role they have played in the emergence of the market.

BT Openreach

In 2006 Ofcom identified that BT had a monopoly influence on the telecommunications sector, creating an unfair advantage in the market. This led to the emergence of BT Openreach. The idea was to provide equal access to BT’s local access network so that other companies could provide their own services using the network. BT has always, and still does, own the majority of the network itself, but Openreach was created with a view to making the network available to all.

Gamma Telecom Ltd

Gamma is a leading wholesale supplier of voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK.

Through their network of Channel Partners, Gamma supply a wide range of communications to small, medium and large-sized business customers, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations. Almost 80% of company revenues are generated by an extensive network of more than 900 channel partners. Gammas product catalogue includes fixed telephony, IP telephony, hosted phone systems, broadband, mobile services, security and unified communications solutions.


NEC Enterprise Solutions provides IT & Communication solutions to small, medium and large enterprises in both the private and public sectors.

Designed for open connectivity, high availability and flexible growth, our innovative solutions incorporate the latest voice, data and video technologies and enable real-time, collaborative working, increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Their PBX Telephone Systems, the NEC SL2100 and the NEC SV9100 are perfect for businesses looking for an on-premise telephone system with VoIP capabilities.


Samsung is a South Korean multinational corporation who specialise in the electronics, construction, defence and construction industries. Other major aspects of the organisation include the advertising and entertainment industries. To date, Samsung is one of the world’s largest businesses, registering itself as second in the Forbes top ten largest technology companies 2016, second to Apple.

The company was formed in 1938 by Lee Byung-chull in Su-Dong. The company initially started out as a grocery stall, trading goods produced within South Korea as well as creating its own noodle brand. It was in 1980, Samsung made their first foray into the technology market. The company has gone from strength to strength since then and in 2016 is now the largest business in Korea, producing one fifth of the country’s total exports.


Apple was originally created and developed in the late 1970’s to supply a booming market with (at the time) revolutionary and innovative personal computers.

Apple shifted its focus onto consumer electronics at the start of 2007 when it released the very first IPhone. From this point, it seems Apple has been a major contributor in the continued development and innovation of the mobile phone industry, developing products such as IPads, Macs, IPods and IPhones on almost a yearly basis and generating billions of dollars in revenue, supplying an ever exponential mobile market.

Apple’s latest product releases include features such as a larger IPhone7 256 GB model, waterproofing and a dual lens camera. These handsets have been released to the general public and are available on most household mobile carriers, each with varying deals and tariffs available

TalkTalk Business

TalkTalk PLC is a provider of quad-play packages of fixed line broadband, voice telephony, mobile and television services. Second to BT, TalkTalk serves over five million residential and business customers under the TalkTalk and TalkTalk Business brand.

TalkTalk residential offers broadband, phone, television and mobile services, usually in bundled packages offering great prices for consumers.

TalkTalk offers three propositions, Broadband which offers unlimited broadband without landline calls, and TV, which delivers broadband, television and phone services. TalkTalk business is a business to business telecom provider serving the needs of over 180,000 organisations and public sector customers across the country.

It delivers a variety of communications products and services, including connectivity and networking, hosted solutions, mobile, voice and Internet Protocol (IP) telephone systems. TalkTalk offers voice and data services to residential customers and small to mid-sized enterprises in the United Kingdom.

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In 2012, Vodafone bought out Cable and Wireless, meaning they could position themselves as a quad-play provider with their own fixed line network. This acquisition meant Vodafone could manage its own mobile data growth as well as become a reseller to other mobile data providers by providing transmission capacity.

Vodafone customers can enjoy some of the fastest mobile broadband to be found on offer from any of the UK’s providers. With Vodafone you can sign up for a traditional pay monthly mobile broadband package or opt for increased flexibility by paying up front for data 2GB at a time.

Vodafone was the world’s first mobile network operator to achieve BS 25999 Business Continuity Certification of their 3G voice and mobile broadband networks.

In partnership with Vodafone, channel partners can put together monthly plans that are ideal for business usage, from SIM only packages to the latest handsets and tablets paired with the correct data and minutes required.


Three is a mobile telecommunications and internet service provider operating in the UK as a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa. Three launched in 2003 as the UK’s first commercial video mobile network. It provides 3G and 4G mobile services through its own network infrastructure.

In 2004, Three announced that it was the first mobile network to meet its regulatory requirement of 80% 3G population coverage in the UK.

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