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Which should you choose – VoIP / Hosted or Traditional Telephony?

Although potentially large cost savings can be made when adopting the VOIP route over traditional telephony, the choice between the two isn’t quite so simple.

Furthermore, when adopting VOIP, it is imperative that the business have a backup internet connection, should the other go out of service. If you were to suffer a power outage or a loss of internet connection, VOIP would go down with it.

One advantage with a VOIP solution is there is no longer a requirement for line rental. However, this is only the case should you employ a Fibre broadband service. As some businesses still use a basic ADSL broadband connection, line rental cannot be dismissed outright.

Currently, VOIP is a viable option if your current telephone bills are expensive. If you have the tendency to make long distance telephone calls as well as operate at home for work, VOIP is the solution for you as the cost savings can be a huge benefit.

At the moment therefore, there seems to be a tradeoff between traditional telephone line and VOIP. However, looking to the future, it’s clear that VOIP technology may very well soon be the standard in all homes and businesses.

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