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Office to Mobile!
Mobile to Office!
Office to Office!

Midshire Telecom has the perfect blend of bespoke tariffs and access to the latest business packages to suit your company’s needs.

Our in-house cost consultants will analyse your current bills and match the perfect tariff to your business call profile that ensures you don’t pay for un-used minutes.

DATA Solutions

The perfect data tariff
Whether it’s mobile broadband, mobile or a data only SIM for your Tablet, our DATA network can provide the connectivity and speeds required for you to carry on working.

Are you 4G ready?
Providing you with  the fastest mobile internet you have ever had.

SIM only package
If you already have a phone you are happy with, we will provide you with a SIM package that keeps monthly payments down to  the most cost effective levels.

Technology Fund
Available with every new mobile connection which can be used to purchase your choice of a new handset or accessories from our range.

Linked Discounts
Midshire Mobile and Midshire fixed line service users now benefit from our linked discount scheme.