Expert Opinion - When to Upgrade your Telecoms
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Expert Opinion – When to Upgrade your Telecoms

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Most successful businesses integrate new technology to gain a competitive advantage, however with the rate at which technology is changing, it can be a some what daunting task for any business owner to consider.

More often than not, while business owners may be tempted to follow the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” methodology, there are risks associated with lagging behind current technology and the solutions your competitors are adopting.

Arash began life with Midshire® as a Telesales Consultant nearly 8 years ago. Through Telesales, Arash built up a greater understanding of the Telecoms industry and with the knowledge gained, naturally moved into a sales role, recently becoming a Regional Sales Manager for the Telecoms division. Throughout Arash’s development , he has gained first hand experience of customer issues and with extensive product knowledge, has been able to identify and implement improved telecoms solutions for customers nationwide.

As an integral member of Midshire’s Telecoms division, Arash gives his advice on ‘When to upgrade your office telecoms?’

Increased Customer Expectations

These days, customers expect more ways to remain connected, including voice, broadband, social media, and mobile. With an array of different ways for your customers to get in contact with your business, eventually, the avenues associated with customer service can become increasingly difficult to manage.

With an enterprise-grade telephone system and broadband solution, businesses can remain connected with customers at all times, giving your business the functionality to manage inbound and outbound customer interaction.

Business Growth

Increased growth can creep up on businesses without them even realising. It is at this point, that a business needs to evaluate whether or not an upgrade of there telecoms infrastructure will be beneficial. Often, businesses experiencing growth relocate to larger premises. This is an opportune moment to bring in a new telephone system, to continue to support and promote further growth.

It’s important that you don’t restrict potential growth with an inadequate phone system; look for one that is easily scalable. With a HostX Cloud Telephone System, the solution is easily scalable as you grow. New handsets can be added and removed at any time without any hidden engineering costs.

Multi Site Businesses

When a business has multiple sites, the cost and complexity of maintaining your existing telephone system can become a real challenge. With most multiple site businesses, they usually have a central IT dept looking after the telecoms infrastructure. Having a separate telephone system for each site from an IT perspective can be time-consuming and inefficient.

With an enterprise grade telephone system (Samsung Officeserv & HostX) as well as business broadband connectivity, can streamline a businesses telecoms infrastructure, so it can be managed from one location as well as improve productivity and customer service.

Remote Workers & Flexibility

The larger the business, the more difficult it can be to connect between employees and customers. Your staff need the ability to plug their office phone in on the move, thus improving staff collaboration wherever the location.

Enterprise grade IP telephone systems provide greater flexibility and functionality as well as boasting a more reliable and better integrated solution.

Functionality & Productivity

As technology is such a rapidly changing landscape, the features of your existing telephone system may be lagging behind, in comparison to the latest IP and Cloud telephone systems. Although your existing system might still function properly, it might not have enough features to keep up with the needs of current business operations.