Don’t get stung by your Mobile Phone Abroad
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Don’t get stung by your Mobile Phone Abroad

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Connectivity is always a concern when travelling abroad with your Mobile Phone.

Whether you want to update your Facebook Status, send an Email or make your friends at home green with envy with your latest Instagram post on the beach, don’t forget that the costs to connect your mobile to 3G/4G are different than back here in the UK.

All of the above examples sound innocent enough, however, you could be unknowingly racking up £100s on Data Charges.

Money Saving Travel Tips

• Switch off Data Roaming on your handset before you board the plane.
• Use Wi-Fi whenever possible, most bars and cafes provide free Wi-Fi.
• Text instead of making calls, it’s cheaper.
• Download Maps before you go or use your hotel’s Wi-Fi .
• Keep tabs on your kids, download everything you need beforehand.
• Inform your service provider immediately if your phone is lost or stolen.

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