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Connect your phone system to your office computer

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Mobility. Agility. Productivity.

This is where technology is headed. With the demand for creating a whole solution for business communications, seamless integration is where the market is driven.

Midshire believe that designing a phone system to accommodate users’ preference is the best way to boost productivity, control costs and retain visibility of phone activity.

Being a Platinum Business Partner of Samsung, Midshire is already making it easy to integrate your smartphone with your phone system, providing powerful unified, communications applications that further remove divisions between fixed and mobile telephony.

Now, with Samsung Xchange we are able to offers a high level of integration, communication and collaboration between your phone system, mobile phone and your computer, enforcing one communication infrastructure, making employees work efficiently and effectively, in any working environment.

It give workers the opportunity to take complete control of their handsets straight from their PC, with easy control and management. Samsung Xchange offers fill integration with CRM systems, with clever features including:

– Screen popping

– Call preview

– Click to dial

– Web page dialling

– Call control