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Cloud Communications for your Company

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It seems there are still a lot of companies who are wary of adopting cloud communications, primarily because they have heard that the quality is sub-standard and they feel they may be taking a backward step. Well, that could be the case with some suppliers, but certainly not all. Lets just reflect for a moment and put this whole cloud thing into perspective.

Cloud communication sound like a great theory. It offers cheap calls and integrated communications and applications. But you may be asking what are the real prospects are? Cloud communication means no up-front spend on hardware, software or maintenance and it’s great for businesses with multiple sites and remote/mobile workers.

The big concern is still quality, nobody needs degradation in voice service. But technology has come on leaps and bounds – start with a proper network, add QoS and SLAs and it’ll be as good or better than PSTN. Then there;s all the pluses – location and number independence, scalability, flexibility, fast provision, low mean time to restore and much more.

Gone are the days of disjointed conversation. Midshire Telecom have the scalability to use a reliable network, which guarantees great voice equal to ISDN.

Cloud make voice conferencing what it should have been about a long time ago. Making it quick and easy to set up, along with interactive features such as sharing application, documents and real time video as well as voice. With today’s reliance on applications in the workplace, you also need communication solutions that will link all of them together. Desktop, office phone, mobile phone, Instant Messaging, CRM and many other applications can now all be seamlessly integrated onto the Cloud.

So let look at all the plus points for Cloud communications. What can it do for your company? 
Saves the cost of PBX maintenance

Ability to make changes, moves and additions instantly

Removes capital outlay

Give your FREE calling between offices

Allows it to manage its own call and facilities

Save money overall

Disaster recovery as standard

Lets staff work flexibly from wherever they want

It is the next stag of every business’ voice strategy. With networks, technology, hosted services and access solutions already all in place, makes it the complete communication system for a working environment. The flexibility, scalability and business continuity alone makes cloud a no brainer.