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Choose the BEST Telephone System for your Business!

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Most small businesses never give a second thought to the telephone systems they have in their premises. However, the telephone is an essential business device that should be treated just as every other critical system of your business.

Choosing the right phone equipment to use now, should be approached with all the due care and attention you would use when purchasing any other equipment for your business.

Equipment profile

Look to the Future!

  1. Will your business grow beyond 50 employees over a short period of time? If so, looking at a dedicated PBX system would be advisable.
  2. Does your telecoms systems need to have caller ID, conferencing facilities, speakerphone options or one-touch dialling?
  3. Is the volume of calls made overseas likely to be high? If so, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones could save your business substantial amounts on its call costs.

Taking advice is always a good idea before making what could be a substantial investment in telecoms equipment. Here at Midshire our Telecoms consultants will be able to assess your business’ precise needs and offer a profile of the equipment that could ideally suit your company’s requirements.

VOIP or landline?

For small businesses VOIP looks like a godsend, as it can offer free calls, but there are a number of considerations your business should look at very closely before using VOIP. Few businesses rely on VOIP for all of their calls, instead using this platform for long distance and international calls only. The pros of using VOIP are outlined below:


  • Calls can be free when routed over the Internet, once your broadband and mobile data plans are paid for.
  • If your business has remote workers, calls can be made to them over VOIP directly to their notebook PCs and increasingly tablet computers as well.
  • International calls are an area where VOIP offers real bonuses.
  • VOIP can also be used for conference calls and increasingly for teleconferencing.
  • There is now a range of equipment including hybrid phones that can be used as a standard landline phone and as a VOIP handset.

Buying checklist

Choosing the right phone system for your business means understanding not only your current needs but also how these might change in the future. When assessing your telecoms ask these key questions:

  1. What is your current call volume and how is this likely to change?
  2. Do you have a fast and reliable connection to the Internet to allow VOIP systems to operate efficiently?
  3. Does your new telecoms hardware and software have to function with existing equipment?
  4. What new features are you looking to add to your telecoms systems?

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