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Future-proof Telecommunications

Falcon Contract Flooring have more than 30 years of experience and have a forward-thinking and dynamic team. Their experience, professionalism and ability to deliver outstanding results has ensured Falcon are now the company used by major hotel chains, restaurants, retirement homes and hospitals across the U.K for contract flooring.


Falcon Contract Flooring were relocating to Bromsgrove and needed a reliable and future-proof telephone system. As part of their growth, they needed more internet bandwidth with the possibility of increasing it as they continue to grow. Falcon Contract Flooring also decided that they would be utilising business mobile as part of their new communications strategy and Midshire Telecom were able to help with all aspects of their plans.

In the last year Falcon Contract Flooring have seen tremendous growth with an increase of in turnover by 47%. With this growth came the need for a future-proof telecommunications setup to support their current and future needs. Midshire Telecom installed a new Telephone System that would accommodate their needs and allow for future-growth. Furthermore, their new telephone system enables calls to be easily transferred to any other extension or department, regardless of location – meaning their new site is seamlessly incorporated in their telecommunications set up.


We’ve been with Midshire Telecom for a number of years, they have supported us with office technology that has worked well and coped with our expansion. Fantastic account management and great support from everyone at Midshire.

Elliot Garbett 

Furthermore, Falcon Contract Flooring took advantage of the government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme to get an Ethernet Leased Line which gives them a super-fast connection. An Ethernet Leased Line is the equivalent of having your own broadband line straight to the world wide web – with this type of connection a business doesn’t share bandwidth with their street or industrial state. This connection not only gives them superb upload and download speeds that meet their current requirements, but it can also be easily upgraded to meet future bandwidth requirements.

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