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Large Business Energy Portfolios

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Large Business Energy Portfolios

As a business with large energy requirements across multiple sites, when it comes to energy contracts the idea to have a range of contracts across multiple suppliers might seem tempting. This way, you can negotiate the best prices per site and keep the different suppliers on their toes. But is this really the best solution for your business?

Though, in theory, this tactic seems sound – having multiple suppliers and multiple contracts may cause more problems than it solves. Similarly, if you’re about to embark on a relationship with a new energy broker, it might seem tempting to let them obtain prices for a smaller portion of your portfolio, in order to see how they perform before taking the plunge and letting them competitively tender the contracts for your whole portfolio.

✔️ Get Better Pricing – It’s more likely to be beneficial to your business to get pricing on the whole of your portfolio at once, utilising the volume of energy you are looking to contract to negotiate better pricing as economies of scale will help shave supplier margins.

✔️ Save time –  As a business, time is the most valuable asset. Wasting time negotiating with multiple suppliers over multiple contracts throughout the year can take up important time resources. Furthermore, unless your portfolio is truly colossal and you are a top customer for a supplier, very few suppliers are alert to how much of your specific estate is with them, and how much is with a competitor.

Working with one energy broker for the entirety of your portfolio is likely to be the best option for your business. The purpose of energy consultants is to manage the complexity of your energy purchasing so you don’t have to. A consultant should be a trusted partner whose advice you can depend upon for navigating a complicated market. By working with one highly respected consultant to cover your whole portfolio, you can be sure you are getting economies of scale, reduced administration costs and sound advice.

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