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Business Energy Providers

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Business Energy Providers

When searching for the best business energy providers, you’ll find there are a lot of suppliers out there. It’s not just the cheapest energy provider you want to go for – you need a supplier you can trust. Choosing the right supplier comes down to a few factors such as price, customer reviews and customer service.

Top Providers

The “Big Six” business energy providers are the providers that businesses most commonly use and we’ve outlined a few details on each of them below.

EDF – Tailor electricity plans for SME to large businesses and offer fixed price contracts of up to four years.

British Gas – The largest business energy supplier in the UK and have an existing customer base of over 1 million customers.

E.ON – Have an existing customer base of over 500,000 UK businesses and offer fixed contracts of up to 3 years.

Npower – Offer fixed price contracts and have energy efficiency schemes.

Scottish Power – Fixed price contracts of up to 3 years and offer bespoke products for large energy users.

SSE – Existing customer base of approximately 500,000 UK businesses and offer fixed price contracts up to three years.

There are far more suppliers out there than just the big six, and each supplier has different benefits and pricing models. This makes finding the best business energy supplier a long and complicated process.

Rather than trawling through multiple suppliers’ websites, making endless phone calls and spending far too much time comparing suppliers, Midshire Telecom can help. We’re industry experts and have dedicated teams that can find the best business energy deal for your business.

So how does it work?

We can run a quick, easy and hassle-free and no-obligation quote for you with just a few details. Our team of experts will search for the best rates available and show you just how much your business could save by switching.

There is no obligation and no cost involved for getting a quote – we’ll do all the hard work and find the best rates for your business. Midshire Telecom have helped businesses across the UK save money on their bills, get in touch to save money on yours too.

Why should I switch?

The biggest benefit to switching energy providers is reducing your business energy bill. Businesses that have been with the same supplier for years and prices have slowly crept up. It’s likely that you’re not on the most cost-effective package anymore. Switching to the cheapest tariff is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut unnecessary costs at your business.

If cost is your main concern, you’ll want to know who the cheapest supplier is – and that is where Midshire Telecom can help. When we run a comparison on your behalf, we’ll identify the best deal for your business from our trusted suppliers. But it’s not just about cost – you need a supplier you can trust. And we can help there too, we can navigate the different offerings by suppliers, contract length, levels of service etc. and find the best deal for your business.

While cost-savings will vary from business to business, because of things like the size of your premises, the electrical items used, the number of people using electricity and gas, as well as your opening hours. Generally, we are able to offer cost savings to all of our customers when switching with Midshire Telecom.

What about green energy?

Environmental impact is something businesses might want to consider when looking for a business energy provider. Not only to reduce the environmental impact of your business, but also as a selling point to your customers. Consumers are growing more and more concerned with the impact their purchases have on the environment and as such, are more likely to purchase with a business that is environmentally friendly.

Green energy comes from a mix of renewable sources such as sunlight, water and wind as well as carbon-offsetting which means your supplier participates in green initiatives such as planting tress in order to negate the environmental impact of the energy you use.

You might think this type of energy is expensive, but as it is more widely adopted across the UK prices have been significantly reduced. This means that it is now affordable for most UK businesses – you can switch to a green energy provider and still save money. So if being aware of your business’ impact on the environment is important to you, ask us about Green Business Energy.